u.a. ISO9001; SCC



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u.a. ISO9001; SCC



365 Days 24 Hours


GRUBE Industrial services

Whenever you want to farm out certain tasks, you need a reliable partner.

You can count on GRUBE in every respect. Each and every job is different. For us it is a matter of course to complete the required work flexibly, as cost effectively as possible and punctually. The range of services provided by our company includes cutting and beveling sections of pipelines and parts of plants, finishing sealing surfaces, controlled screwing-down work, pre-heating and annealing pipelines, renting out industrial equipment (e.g. protection against the weather, compressors, impact screw drivers etc.) as well as providing support (welders, fitters, electricians, annealing specialists etc.).

Such aspects as quality, safety, environmental and health protection are crucial, since processes are becoming increasingly complex and the flow of information is rising steadily. With the help of a quality and SGU (safety, health and environment) management system (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, SCDP and SCP), the intention and actions taken to safeguard and improve quality and safety in our company are ensured. In addition to determining, handling and assessing any possible risks, aspects of data protection and data safety are taken into account, too. Moreover, we want to continuously evolve.

In case of an emergency, we will be on-site as quickly as possible, because emergencies don’t respect closing times …

We have expertise in the following areas, among others:

Pipe assembly

Pressure vessel

Pipeline construction


Plant engineering

Large container construction

Conveying technology

Boiler construction

Biogas plants

Medical technology

Nuclear power plants

High pressure pipes

Gas pipes

Wind-driven power plants

Construction of vehicles

Metallurgical industry


Heat exchangers

Mechanical engineering

Tank construction

Petrochemical industry

Turbine construction

Aircraft construction

Coal-fired power plants

Apparatus engineering

and many more

More than 45 years GRUBE.

Progress, safety, experience.

GRUBE has been a reliable partner for industrial clients since 1974. This consistency cannot be achieved through tradition alone. It is based on such substantial values as flexibility and willingness to deliver maximum performance, values that are more important today than they’ve ever been.

The industrial landscape is changing continuously. Whereas emphasis used to be placed on erecting new power plants and plants, today the focus increasingly is on skilled demolition, which requires expert knowledge and high awareness of environmental and safety aspects. Against the background of these changes, the companies in the GRUBE Group also have been adapting to new requirements.

Quality work is important. Equally important are the commitment and service level of a partner. Rapid technical development and progress, steadily changing specifications for materials as well as new standards and laws call for an industrial partner who has an overview at all times …

GRUBE has been on a level with technical progress since 1974 and a step ahead as regards service standards. Knowing today which industrial requirements will have to be met tomorrow – that is what makes GRUBE the partner of choice for large industrial companies.

Since 1974, GRUBE has been handling assembly work throughout the world. Facing the competition every day and standing one’s ground on the free market is a challenge that Grube GmbH is set to take. Customer satisfaction takes first place.