Mobile turning

Mobile turning is an effective machining process for thick-walled pipes, without finishing and without a heat-affected zone. Since finishing work is reduced, productivity and the stability of the product are increased.

For pipeline and plant construction, just as for repairs or modifications of existing plants, mobile turning is an interesting service provided by Grube Industrieservice GmbH.

Mobile turning can be carried out directly on-site to cut and bevel pipes with all kinds of diameters and wall thicknesses.

The pipe cutters are mounted on the outside of the pipe and the guide holding the cutting tool revolves around the circumference of the pipe. Many different forms of edge weld preparation cutters can be inserted in the cutter guide. The pipe cutters are driven either by an air or hydraulic drive.

Irrespective of the conditions, our robust pipe cutters carry out the machining work precisely and quickly. Accordingly, they are indispensable not only for short-term on-site service work but also for the demolition of complete plants and parts of plants.

48,30mm – 2794,00mm