We have machines for finishing and squaring damaged sealing surfaces. Mechanical machining is needed to ensure that sealings can be inserted optimally: only precision and appropriate equipment can guarantee that the workpieces are machined to the nearest millimeter.

When flanges are machined, precision and care are decisive to ensure the functionality of the plant. That is why we place a lot of value on precision to millimetric accuracy on a high level. In order to achieve the best possible results, flexible and individual solutions are our prime objective. Depending on the on-site conditions and the requirements arising for a specific plant, we develop custom-fit concepts for the flange work that is to be completed. We look forward to your inquiry.

Fields of application for flange work

We offer flange machining for various fields of application, for example:

All types and forms of sealing rings
Lens seals
Sealing surfaces with slot and key
Flat gaskets