You need additional staff at short notice?

GRUBE Industrieservice GmbH offers reliable personnel services. All you need to do is give us a quick call, and we will make available qualified staff for your project.

We have staff with all the necessary skills and qualifications in the following areas, among others:

Project manager (PL/PM)
Safety specialists (SiFa)
Safety coordinators (SiGeKo)
Welding specialists (SFM/IWS)
Quality control (QS)
Site manager (BL)
Topping-out foreman (RM)
Chief erecting engineer (OM)
Annealing technicians (GT)
Lathe operator (ZM)
Welder, material class BW1-BW4/BW5-BW45
Welding operator for welding with heat reflectors
Fitter according to Iso
Pipe fitter
Turbine fitter
Accoutrements fitter